knitting group cake

tomorrow a knitting group will start at my place there are hopefully five of us.

I am going to bake a cake for this occasion – I was thinking about a honey and almond cake.

almond and honey cake

almond and honey cake made last year



I have turned off the Rayburn because I can’t sleep if the house is too warm in summer and there is the added benefit of saving some money. So I have this tiny electric oven that cooks on a 15minute timer. You can grill from above or heat from beneath or both at the same time. It is so small that I had to go out and buy a smaller loaf tin. The cake will have to be a loaf cake because the oven won’t take a round tin. Making this cake in this little oven will be a challenge, yesterday i made a gooseberry crumble  with a bit too much moisture in the gooseberries and it bubbled up and spilt as it cooked. There was danger of it breaking the element so I had to take the crumble out twice pour some liquid away and clean the spills.

Hope fully the cake will be easier I shall halve the ingredients in the original recipe but twice the ground almonds. just love nutty cakes.

My husband and light of my life is building an oven in the garden – it is about two thirds built now, it really shouldn’t have taken this long but sailing has taken priority over oven building when the weather has been right. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with this oven – it is not just for pizzas – .


About knitonemorerow

Painter who also likes to knit. The knitting is winning at present I have opened a yarn shop in Menai Bridge Anglesey.
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