almond and pear cake

another cake cooked in the tiny oven.Image

I’ve just eaten a small piece and it really is delicious – this is another recipe from River Cottage Everyday that i have adapted again I used spelt but white this time dairy free margarine and pears instead of apples because that is what I had in the fruit bowl.

I seem to cook when a bit displaced or have something new to work through. I am thinking about opening a real nice knitting yarn shop. Im a bit scared to admit that I would really like to do this – haven’t a clue how to buy yarn wholesale!! anyone any ideas I would like to stock wool made in wales as well other gorgeous yarns from small producers.

The knitting group got off to a good start with three of us – there should have been five but one had put her back out and the other had come down with something. The cake went down well.

I have made Gooseberry Jam this week. We had 4 kilos of gooseberries Image

from the garden this year.

all topped and tailed by my wonderful husband.Image

all cooked and in jars.Image 

4 kilos of gooseberries and 0 black currants  – mr and mrs blackbird had the lot.



About knitonemorerow

Painter who also likes to knit. The knitting is winning at present I have opened a yarn shop in Menai Bridge Anglesey.
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