Another knitting group cake.

Wasn’t going to make a cake for the knitting group this week. Thinking maybe someone else would bring one. Then late afternoon I thought better make one just in case. My mood has been a bit low and  baking a cake is always helpful. We have 3 chickens – Brenda,Ariadne,and Adriana and they lay the best eggs.Look at the colour of mix with their amazing eggs. Luckily there was half a box of desiccated coconut left over from when my daughter made me my favourite lime and coconut cake for my birthday last year. So I made a coconut cake with a gooseberry jam filling in the little oven.  Only one member of the knitting group turned up last night (other than me)- so the two of us sat there and chatted and knitted. But she did bring a cake with her. Lemon shop bought but locally made with good stuff. So I will be enjoying some of this coconut cake with a cup of tea in just a little while. Think we need more members !!


About knitonemorerow

Painter who also likes to knit. The knitting is winning at present I have opened a yarn shop in Menai Bridge Anglesey.
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